About The Worthington of Logan.


We broke ground for the hotel in the summer of 2019 and  intend to open in mid 2020.

We are building a 36 room hotel in a prime location in the heart of downtown Logan. 

Why "The Worthington of Logan" ?

We believe in embracing the rich history of Logan, Ohio.  Thomas Worthington was the founder of the city of Logan. 

From Wikipedia:

Thomas Worthington (July 16, 1773 – June 20, 1827) was a Democratic-Republican politician from Ohio. He served as the sixth Governor of Ohio.

He platted what would become the city of Logan, Ohio in 1816.

Worthington is a member of the Ohio Hall Of Fame. The city of Worthington, Ohio, was named in Worthington's honor, as was Thomas Worthington High School.

Worthington is known as the "Father of the Ohio-Erie Canal"

Within walking distance of Worthington Park, we feel this is a fitting name to celebrate downtown Logan, and Ohio's heritage.

Worthington Park

Designed as a meeting place and an area of reflection since the inception of Logan, there's no coincidence that Worthington Park is at the center of Logan's historic downtown district. In recent times Worthington Park has played host to concerts, festivals, kids activities and the local farmers market, to name a few.  With exciting plans for 2019 and beyond Worthington Park will continue to be a focal point to the downtown.  

Logan's first Boutique Hotel will be built on the corner of Spring & Second in the heart of downtown.